If it is February, it is time to get started planning your stream and river clean up events.  A large part of that process is making sure that you have a fun and more importantly safe experience for your volunteers.  Greenway Network’s Special Handling Seminar is designed to help you do just that.  Experts from around the State discuss everything from how to prescout, label and report hazards, what requires special handling, how to deal with emergencies, what to do about tanks, barrels and sharps and the what when and how of reporting things like pollution and poaching.

This seminar is for anyone planning a clean up and any team leader who wants to learn more.  It will be held at the Headquarters of The Big Muddy Wildlife Refuge near Boonville.  Space

is strictly limited and spots fill up quickly.  Participation is free however we do ask for a $10 to cover lunch if you are able to do so.

Register today.