About Greenway

Greenway Network is an all-volunteer organization based in St. Charles County, MO that works throughout the Confluence region.

Our mission is to conserve natural resources and to protect watersheds. We do this primarily through clean water education, research, restoration and recreational programming.

It is our belief that when you experience nature, you learn to love it. And once you love it, you want to take care of it.

49 Kildare Ct.
O’Fallon, MO 63366

We seek to create as many opportunities as possible to bring people to the river.

Major annual events include coordination of the Confluence Trash Bash and Mission: Clean Stream, Dardenne Days, Team Leader Training, River Soundings Conference, Monthly Big Muddy Speaker Series and the Race for the Rivers. 

We believe people can live in harmony with nature if we plan and make decisions wisely.

Greenway Network is your “eyes, ears, and voice” in that process, working to conserve what is naturally best about St. Charles County and the St. Louis Region.