Have you ever wanted to get more involved in stream clean up activities by leading groups of volunteers but want to know more about what is involved?

Are you an experienced team leader who wants to learn more about how to deal with those surprises that your volunteers sometimes come across?

Are you planning a stream clean up and want to make sure you are covering all the bases to help keep your volunteers safe?

Then the Team Leader Special Handling Seminar is for you.

Each year Greenway Network, in conjunction with MO Stream Team brings together experts from all areas to talk about how to deal with trash and situations that are outside of the usual straws and water bottles.  This includes things like tanks and barrels that might contain toxic substances, needles and sharps, medical waste and things that might require the intervention of law enforcement.  We know these things don’t happen every day but we want to make sure that team leaders and project coordinators are prepared for their unlikely occurrence.

This year the seminar will take place at the brand new Paddle Stop Brewery in New Haven, MO from 9 am until 3 pm.  Lunch will be available.

Space is extremely limited.  REGISTER HERE.