We’ve been telling you about the MRCTI Mississippi River Plastic Pollution Initiative for a while now. St Louis is one of three cities in a pilot project to understand where plastic pollution is coming from with an eye to stopping it at the source. St Paul, St Louis and Baton Rouge are all part of this effort and we want to WIN. We want to collect more data using the Marine Debris Tracker app than our sister cities!

So if you are going to take a walk, load up the app, use the MRCTI list and use this map to find a yellow box near you. It is 30 minutes that will make a difference!

  • No, you don’t HAVE to collect data in yellow box it just helps a lot if you are able to.  Any data is useful and will be welcomed.
  • No you don’t have to pick up the trash.  Yes, we would love for you to do so but we understand that it is not always possible.  Right now our focus in on collecting the data.  Once we have the data , we will have a better idea of where to focus when we plan our clean up activities.

LAUNCH EVENT April 17 at North Riverfront Park, on Riverview Drive in St Louis. Check-in starts at 8:30 with kick off at 9. Clean up and/or pick up trash. Dress for the weather. Bring a water bottle. REGISTER.