Honeysuckle Bash

This event has been cancelled due to Covid-19

Greenway Network works to remove the invasive weed from public lands on and near the Missouri River.

Join the Greenway Network to remove invasive honeysuckle from the Boschert Greenway and Fox Hill Park!

The Greenway Network and Audubon Society need your help! This nonnative plant is taking over many of our park and trails and choking out the native understory plants creating a ecological disaster. Come help stop this weed from taking over our parks and have some fun too!

The Boschert Greenway is a 3.81 walking and biking trail that runs between Fox Hill Park and Fountain Lake Park. The trail, which runs along Boschert Creek, was made possible by a partnership with Great Rivers Greenway.

Ages 12 & up. Wear sturdy shoes, long sleeves and long pants to protect from getting poison ivy. Bring gloves & a water bottle.