Dardenne Creek Monitoring Days

Greenway Network, Stream Team 463, sponsors Dardenne Creek Monitoring Days in the spring and again in the fall.

Through the years, this program has provided an opportunity for local teachers, their students and Stream Team Volunteers to share their excitement for clean water by obtaining grab samples from over 20 sites along the 27-mile watershed.

The samples are tested to determine dissolved oxygen, nitrates, phosphates, pH, turbidity, ammonia, temperature, conductivity, stream discharge and collection of macros. The data gathered provides an excellent snapshot of the water quality of this stream.  All information is shared with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources Water Protection Program.

All monitor volunteers must practice the best protocol as possible to preserve the integrity of all data collected.  To help eliminate errors in collecting protocol, Greenway Network, Inc. asks that volunteer site LEADERS have, at least, Missouri Stream Team Level I Monitoring training.


Please email greenwaynetwork@gmail.com to volunteer and receive details on time and meeting location for this important and fun event.

Always dress appropriately for the weather and please bring gloves that you do not mind getting dirty.

We won’t be gathering for lunch this year because of Covid 19.